What’s so special about Bozak?

A: Most body powders are mainly baby powder – that ain’t this, and this ain’t that. Our unique blend of essential oils and clinically proven ingredients cannot be found outside a Bozak bottle. Bozak stops friction, kills odor, absorbs moisture, reduces itching, and helps protect skin from fungal infection in ways that other products just can’t.

Okay, okay, but what if I don’t like it?

A: Our commitment to product excellence is rivaled only by our dedication to customer service. If you try a bottle and aren’t feeling it, send us a brief email and we’ll send you your money back in less than 24 hours. No questions. No hassle. Guaranteed.

Is Bozak safe? Is it really talc-free?

A: Absolutely, and definitely. Given the potential risks of talcum powder, we wanted you to feel comfortable all day – and worry-free every night. Bozak uses premium grade cornstarch and zinc oxide to provide benefits that other powders fail to achieve with talc.

Does Bozak cure jock itch?

A: If we packed literally any more Miconazole Nitrate into Bozak we’d have to call it a drug. Since it’s not a drug, we can’t call it a cure. What we can say is Bozak’s great at preventing jock itch before it starts.

Where is Bozak made?

A: Bozak is made in the U.S.A., dammit. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t have put this question here.

Do you guys put any fragrance in this powder?

A: No. Bozak’s fresh scent is the indirect result of its ingredients whose purpose is to fight moisture and odor. No ingredients were added for the sake of fragrance alone.

What’s the difference between Bozak Light and Bozak Original?

A: Bozak Original contains more menthol and peppermint oil than Bozak Light. Other than that, each formula contains the same blend of premium ingredients.

Bozak Original feels cold! Is everything alright?

A: Relax. Everything’s just fine. Like we said, we put a little extra menthol and peppermint oil in Bozak Original to remind you that you’re alive – and to reduce itching, even hours later.

My bottle feels half-full, what’s the deal?

A: Bozak is sold by weight, not volume. During the blending process, our powder “fluffs up” and takes up more space in its bottle than it does after settling. All bottles are filled to the top, sealed, and then settle a bit over time.

My bottle feels half-empty, what’s the deal?

A: Now you’re just being negative.

Were any animals used for testing during Bozak’s development?

A: Bozak doesn’t dig on swine or any other creature roaming this beautiful Earth. We tested Bozak on ourselves.

How do I get Bozak?

A: Click that little guy down below. Don’t be scared.